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Pipes and Drums

Want to join the LUPB?

The LUPB offers free beginner instruction for the bagpipes, the snare, bass and tenor drums.  A one-time course material fee of $100.00 is required for a practice instrument and instruction book.  Other costs one may incur include the purchase of personal items such as hose or a white, collared shirt.  Otherwise the remainder of the uniform is provided.

The band has both drums and bagpipes available for members' use.  However, once bagpipers have reached this level of proficiency (i.e. the ability to play the bagpipes), they're encouraged to purchase their own instrument (the loner-instrument is provided for the newest members' use only; therefore access is not guaranteed).

Practices are Thursdays:

  • Sectional Practices - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Full Band Practice - 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM

Depending on upcoming engagements these practice times will vary.  During the spring and summer months the band periodically practices outdoors at predetermined locations throughout the city.

Anyone interested in coming out is encouraged to email to ensure a practice is running that week.

Remembrance Day 2016 Repertoire

Concert Set:
March Medley -  At Long Last, La Baum, Mrs. Lily Christie, Upto the Line
Hornpipes - Desert Storm, Sandy's New Chanter
Lilt - Battle of the Somme
Slow March - Highland Cathedral
Broadswords - Orange and Blue, Highroad to Linton
Jig - Glasgow City Police Pipers
Village Maid - Barren Rocks, Mairi's Wedding
Slow March/Quick March - Amazing Grace

March Sets:
4/4 Marches - Scotland The Brave, Rowan Tree, Wings
2/4 Marches - Barren Rocks, Mairi's Wedding
3/4 Marches - Green Hills, When the Battle's O'er

Benjamin Reitƶel playing  "O Canada" at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine's 2012 East/West Strasser Cup in Thunder Bay

LUPB at the Polish Hall for Remembrance Day 2011 performing "Woodsworth's Walkabout" composed by David Young (centre) in recognition of past LU President Dr. Judith Woodsworth.

Massey Fair 2011