Lockerby Highlanders
Pipe Band & Dance Team

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Band & Dance Roster and By-Laws

  • John Adams - Pipe Sergeant 
  • Darrell Barr - Sabbatical 
  • Thomas Flake
  • Koby Kai Kutchaw
  • Eston Stiller
  • Dan Young
  • Derek Young - Pipe Major


  • Shanda Adams - Tenor Drum
  • Riley Hubert - Bass Drum
  • Kyle Leclair - Drum Corporal
  • Stephan Roy - Snare Drum
  • Dylan Thompson - Snare Drum
  • David Young - Drum Sergeant 
  • Raymond Young - Bass Drum

  • Tia Hywarren
  • Sonia Lagrandeur
  • Kayla Warner
  • Jennifer Young - Dance Coordinator
  • Erika
  • Kaylee
  • Mackenzie


  • William
  • Collin 
  • Grace
  • Coralie
  • Kailey
  • Jorja 
  • Zack
  • Liam
  • Tyler
  • Reeghan
  • Vanessa
  • Autumn
  • Ethan
  • Abigail
  • Scarlett
  • Maddy
  • Adrienne 
  • Oliva

LUPB Member By-Laws


  • Members must attend a minimum of 75% of all monthly practices in order to be classified as a member in good standing.  Any member absent from practices must have a legitimate reason for being unable to attend.

  • Members must contact their band officer (Pipe Major, Pipe Sergeant, Drum Sergeant, Highland Dance Coordinator, Highland Dance Instructor) if they are unable to attend a scheduled practice.

  • In order to participate in a band engagement, members must attend the practice prior to the engagement.  Only members with legitimate reason for their absence may be permitted to participate in the engagement.


  • Any function that requires the pipe band, highland dance team, or individual players representing Laurentian University must be booked through the Band Manager.  This is done to create a standard for paid functions, and to keep track of events that has Laurentian University representation.  Band members are not permitted to do private functions without written (electronic or otherwise) permission from the band manager.

  • All band members are asked to attend scheduled engagements as instructed by the band manager a minimum of one hour prior to the event starting in order to perform a proper warm up and to take care of any last minute instrument problems.


  • The Laurentian University Pipe Band provides uniforms for all band members performing with the group on a regular basis.

  • Uniforms will only be handed out following approval from the Pipe Major, Highland Dance Coordinator, or Drum Sergeant.  All members are required to meet the desired performance standard required by their section leader.

  • All members are to understand that the uniforms are owned by the Laurentian University Pipe Band, and as such must not be altered or tampered with. Any alternations or sizing issues must be discussed and approved by the pipe band executive.


  • Pipers are required to supply their own practice chanter, bagpipes, and bagpipe maintenance kit complete with hemp, tape, and tie wraps.

  • Drummers are required to supply their own drumsticks, and practice pads.

  • Highland Dancers are required to supply their own highland dance shoes, tights, and underwear (as specified by the Highland Dance Coordinator).

  • Uniformed band members will be asked to supply a long sleeve white shirt, white hose, black tie, and cap brass from the pipe band.

  • Beginning band members may be asked to purchase a tutor book.


  • As a member of Laurentian University Pipe Band, everyone is asked to uphold the proper decorum a proper level of maturity and discipline for all LUPB events. We represent the Office of the President, Alumni Relations, and the Board of Governors.

  • Drugs and Alcohol are not permitted at any time during practices.  Intoxication (as determined by two members of the executive or two members in good standing) of any band member will be immediately removed from the band event.  The consumption of alcohol by minors is strictly prohibited.  The use of any illicit substances will not be tolerated.  Any member who fails to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines will be placed on probation as per the discretion of the executive council, prior to or during a performance. Minors in the band are not permitted to drink at all.  Any member found doing drugs or drinking will be immediately removed from the band event and put on probation.  Any adult band members found giving drugs or alcohol to minors will also be immediately removed.

  • Band members using extensive rude comments, gestures, or profane language may be asked to leave the formal band function (practices and engagements) immediately.

  • Any band members found being insubordinate to any band officers may be asked to leave the formal band function (practices and engagements) immediately.
Ratified by LUPB Executive Council - April 3rd, 2013